ProjectNotice® for Construction Projects

ProjectNotice® 3.0: An Interactive Risk Management Tool Prepared Exclusively for Your Specific Project

Since its development, ProjectNotice®,our firm’s proprietary risk management tool, has assisted many of the construction industry’s most prominent construction managers and general contractors in avoiding the potentially serious consequences of failing to give timely and adequate notice. Peckar & Abramson has substantially expanded the capabilities and benefits of the industry’s most powerful tool for simplifying notice requirements and reducing risk, by developing ProjectNotice® 3.0 — a web-based fully interactive tool for your management team.


ProjectNotice® 3.0:

  • Is completely web-based, providing access to any number of users from any virtual location. Users are now fully interactive within ProjectNotice® 3.0, and with all other users on the management team.
  • Is completely customized by ProjectNotice® attorneys to meet your specific contract requirements. For events in your contract that require giving notice or obtaining consent or approval, a separate notice letter will be prepared on your firm’s letterhead. You will also receive excerpts of the pertinent portions of the contract and detailed instructions for inputting required information in the letters, meeting delivery time limits and taking follow-up action to each letter.
  • Provides a Quick Index identifying each notice letter along with time requirements for delivery, as well as a flowchart showing the interrelationships between events, owner’s directions, notice requirements and follow-up actions.
  • Provides all users with direct email access from ProjectNotice®.
  • Enables users to track activities by posting follow-up alerts, dates, comments and attachments from ProjectNotice® directly to anyone’s electronic/Outlook calendar.
  • Enables users to highlight their contract documents and insert notes to accompany each highlight. The highlights are available in a wide array of colors, allowing users to categorize the contract provisions by topic or in any way that is useful and access the highlights and notes instantaneously.
  • Provides all users with access to a fully searchable set of contract documents, with search terms highlighted for quick reference. You can now access your contract from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Allows users to create and manage favorites’ lists and to easily retrieve recently viewed documents, providing access at the click of the mouse to all ProjectNotice® documents they routinely access.
  • For P3 projects, ProjectNotice® provides letters that fulfill the notice requirements of both the contractor and concessionare, so that one comprehensive notice can be sent to the Owner, protecting the interests of both the contractor and concessionaire. Additionally, given P3 projects’ design-build format, ProjectNotice®0 identifies all contractual provisions that “open the door” for the contractor to claim changes arising out of the design phase, which changes may be difficult for the design team to timely identify and preserve.

How does ProjectNotice® 3.0 work?

As soon as you decide to implement ProjectNotice® 3.0 for one of your projects, the ProjectNotice® legal team will carefully review your full set of contract documents and prepare a custom package of notice documents. Such contract and notice documents will be provided on a dedicated website, accessible via multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as in hard copy. You designate the users who have authority to access the website.

Your project team will be able to easily access the appropriate notice letter in response to virtually every event for which the contract contemplates required notice. If, for example, you believe the owner will delay your project, you merely log in to ProjectNotice® and search for terms such as “delay” or “extension of time.”  ProjectNotice® will provide you with all of the contractual requirements related to delay, all notice letters required to preserve your right to recover damages related to such delay and detailed instructions explaining to whom the letters must be sent, the time frame in which they are to be sent and any required follow-up. Your field staff will simply insert the date and other relevant information pertaining to the notice-triggering events as required in the open fields of the draft, and then send it on by hard copy or electronically. Once completed, your obligation is fulfilled and your rights are protected. Nothing is easier, faster or more simple.

You and your team will also have the ability to administer your project from the ProjectNotice® 3.0 website.  For instance, you can upload completed notice letters to the website to easily track your compliance and any other project and reference documents useful in administering the project.  You can also send emails, insert tasks directly in other users’ calendars, maintain links to other websites and manage your follow-up list. All of this information and documentation, as well as the contract and notice documents, will be available from the field, home office or any location with a computer, tablet or smartphone and an Internet connection.

All of your team members will receive personal training from Peckar & Abramson’s highly experienced legal team. These legal team members will also be available if your team has any questions during the course of your project. While the dedicated website is simple to use, the ProjectNotice® team also offers free technical support.

What are the added benefits of ProjectNotice® 3.0?

ProjectNotice® 3.0 enables team members to efficiently search, analyze and organize notice documents, communicate with one another, calendar important dates, develop a single location to report important project information and maintain follow-up project lists. For instance, users can select from 11 colors to highlight significant passages in any of the documents and type notes into the highlighted areas. The highlights and notes reappear whenever that particular user clicks on the document. The website also contains a table of contents that organizes the highlights by color and allows the user to jump directly to the highlighted passage. Gone are the days of manually highlighting or notating a contract and then using valuable time searching through all of the highlights or notes to find the relevant passages.

Users can send emails that include any of the documents on the website as an attachment, as well as send tasks to other users, which will automatically be inputted into the recipients’ calendars to make them aware of deadlines for sending notice letters and follow-up notices/claims/rejections/appeals, as well as dates for meetings and other important tasks.

In addition, ProjectNotice® 3.0 allows users to log off and seamlessly resume their work later — a “Favorites” folder permits users to instantly retrieve their most important documents and a “Recently Viewed” tab shows most recently accessed documents.

Peckar & Abramson’s ProjectNotice® Team works in collaboration with the full resources of the firm in order to seamlessly and efficiently deliver ResultsFirst℠.

The state-of-the-art ProjectNotice® risk management software is one of the many value-added tools that Peckar & Abramson provides clients in addition to legal services. Web-based ProjectNotice® simplifies the notice requirement process and was designed exclusively for the construction industry with special P3 project applications.

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