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Ariel Casey

Branch Office Manager

Washington D.C

T +1 202 293 8815

T +1 202 293 7994

Ariel Casey serves as Peckar & Abramson’s Branch Office Manager for the DC location. Ms. Casey joined the firm as a receptionist in 2007. Over the past ten years she has grown into her role with P&A, learning more about the importance of excellent service and how she can apply her background in the theatrical arts to overseeing the many facets of her position.

Ms. Casey’s responsibilities cover the gamut of legal administration from managing attorneys’ bar dues to ensuring the office is a safe and productive environment. Her experience in stage managing gives her the ability to see the larger picture regarding the many personalities in the work place and how to resolve conflict smoothly. It is her primary purpose within the firm to ensure the office runs efficiently day by day and if an issue arises, be it building related or supplies, etc., see that said issue is attended to promptly. She organizes incoming resumes and schedules interviews regarding potential new attorneys and support staff members. Over the course of her time with Peckar & Abramson she has overseen two office moves, assisted in combining with another firm, and spearheaded the upgrade to rising desks.

Ms. Casey is a member of the Association of Legal Administrators and makes use of their informative seminars and volunteer opportunities. She represents the DC office on the firm’s Green Team and is open to suggestions from all employees regarding team building events.

Salvatore DiNardo

Litigation Support Manager

River Edge, NJ

T 201-343-3434

T 201-343-6306

Salvatore DiNardo serves as the Litigation Support Manager at Peckar & Abramson. Mr. DiNardo joined the firm in 2004 as a paralegal focusing on a variety of cases and supporting arbitrations and trials. He was promoted to Litigation Support Manager in 2009 to manage the paralegal team for the NJ office and also provides support to our satellite offices. Mr. DiNardo has also been trained electronic processing and productions and also manages those functions for the firm. Mr. DiNardo was born and raised in Jersey City.

Donna Mahabir

Branch Office Manager

River Edge, NJ

New York, NY

T +1 201 343 3434

T +1 201 343 6306

Donna Mahabir is the Office Manager for Peckar and Abramson’s New York and New Jersey offices. She coordinates all functions of the office ensuring that workplace needs are effectively and efficiently fulfilled. With more than 20 years of experience, Ms. Mahabir applies her organizational skills to oversee records management, maintain supplies, monitor expenses, and works with numerous vendors and building personnel to keep the offices running smoothly.

Ms. Mahabir’s responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business including recruiting, training and mentoring personnel. She serves as a liaison between firm management, other departments and staff. Recognizing our firm’s commitment to excellence in service to our clients, Ms. Mahabir leads, directs and supports the administrative staff in the completion of their duties. With a BA from New York University and a JD from New York Law School, Ms. Mahabir utilizes her communication and leadership skills to manage staff relations, resolve disputes and enforces the adherence to office policies and procedures. She encourages teamwork and collaboration among employees and maintains morale by creating a positive atmosphere that breeds productivity.

Ms. Mahabir strives to keep employees motivated, recognizing their dedication and contributions to the firm. Her team building efforts include a co-leadership role on the firm’s Green Team through which a group of environmentally conscious employees channel their creativity to promote green initiatives. Ms. Mahabir also coordinates continuing legal education for the attorneys throughout the firm ensuring their compliance with state licensing requirements and regulations on a national basis.

Amanda Naumann

Branch Office Manager

Houston, TX

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

T 713.568.1500

T 713.568.1490

Amanda Naumann is the Office Manager for Peckar & Abramson’s Austin, Dallas and Houston offices. Ms. Naumann’s passion for office management comes from her love for personal interaction and organizational excellence. Before joining Peckar & Abramson she worked as a legal assistant for 20 years for other local law firms where she learned the intricacies of working in a law office and honed the skills necessary to manage one.

Her experience includes operational and human resources, recruiting and performance management, and planning and organizing summer law clerk events and various office events. Ms. Naumann is passionate about creating a positive work experience while providing outstanding support services to our staff, lawyers and clients.

Ms. Naumann is a member of the Association of Legal Administrators and makes use of their informative seminars and volunteer opportunities.

Sloka Sippy

Claims Consultant & Litigation Support Manager

New York, NY

T +1 212 382 0909

T +1 212 382 3456

Sloka Sippy, Peckar & Abramson’s lead internal construction claims consultant, brings more than a decade of experience to the firm’s clients asserting or defending against delay, impact and change order disputes. Ms. Sippy’s areas of expertise include:

• CPM Scheduling
• Analysis of Delays to Support Time Extension Requests
• Loss of Productivity Analysis
• Cost Estimating
• Technical Analysis of Construction Claims
• Analysis of Construction and Design Defects & Associated Repairs
• Project Management

Ms. Sippy regularly collaborates with P&A attorneys, paralegals, client teams and testifying experts, assisting in strategic claim evaluations, which involves identifying, gathering, organizing and analyzing project records and interviewing witnesses. She
effectively identifies areas of claim strength and weakness and assists in developing effective evidentiary claim support. Ms. Sippy’s expertise includes the development of schedule and cost presentations, assembly of comprehensive and organized claims back-up submissions and supports attorneys and witnesses during presentations and hearings.

Ms. Sippy has supported matters involving the resolution of many significant construction disputes throughout the United States and has provided services to all sectors of the construction industry, including contractors, owners, design professionals and insurance adjusters. Projects include school construction, courthouses, transit systems, building renovations, water and waste water treatments plants, highways, high-rise buildings, hospitals, commercial developments and military installations.

Ms. Sippy earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science where she specialized in Construction Management and Construction Administration.

Prior to joining Peckar & Abramson, Ms. Sippy was a Senior Project Manager for a well-known construction consulting firm in New York, and was Chief Cost Engineer at an A/E firm in South Korea, which provides services exclusively in support of the Far East District Corps of Engineers serving the U.S. Department of Defense installations and facilities.

Ms. Sippy is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) and is a past Treasurer of the organization. She is also a past member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).