Peckar & Abramson Speaks at the Construction Superconference

Dec 15


San Francisco

Start Date: December 15, 2010

End Date: December 17, 2010

Start Time:


End Time:


Practice Area(s): Construction & Infrastructure
December 15, 2010All December 17, 2010Day America/Havana Peckar & Abramson Speaks at the Construction Superconference San Francisco Jerry P. Brodsky | Robert S. Peckar | Steven M. Charney

Bob Peckar, Steve Charney and Jerry Brodsky will be speakers at the 2010 Construction Superconference on December 15 -17 in San Francisco, California. Mr. Peckar will be moderating the luncheon session entitled “Lawyers, Clients and Consultants in the Construction Industry – A Collision of Ethical Issues” on December 16th. Mr. Charney will be moderating an evening session entitled “Representing the Contractor on the PPP Team – the Unique Aspects of Providing Legal Counsel to the Contractor Member of the Public Private Partnership Team” on December 16th. Mr. Brodsky will be a panelist on the PPP session.

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