P&A is committed to delivering timely, relevant content that is both substantive and practical in order to help readers become better informed about environmental issues affecting contractors. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce this new blog. Our goal is to provide clear and practical legal insights on existing environmental laws and regulations, and changes to those laws and regulations so that our audience is better prepared to be in compliance. Violations of environmental law could result in significant consequences, including governmental enforcement actions potentially resulting in civil and/or criminal penalties.

As interesting cases develop we hope you’ll turn to us for thoughtful perspectives from professionals who daily counsel clients on all aspects of environmental law. Our extensive experience serving contractors in connection with matters across numerous industries have contributed to the wealth of insight into environmental law that we are pleased to share with you.

Why EnviroConLaw?

Our authors – P&A’s seasoned environmental lawyers – have counseled contractors on virtually every aspect of environmental law and know the ins and outs of dealing with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its state counterparts. We have counseled clients on compliance and/or permitting issues under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and Toxic Substances Control Act. We have also helped clients take advantage of state and federal audit policies. In addition, we have advised clients on mergers and acquisitions concerning environmental liability and permitting issues, and conducted due diligence and prepared representations and warranties for corporate transactions. Beyond our articles and Client Alerts, our attorneys have authored other publications on numerous aspects of environmental law, including permitting, enforcement action defense and litigation, audits, and due diligence for corporate transactions.

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Welcome to P&A’s newest resource – EnviroConLaw.

Dave Scriven-Young
Editor-In-Chief, EnviroConLaw
Member, Peckar & Abramson’s Environmental Law Practice

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