Syracuse University Infrastructure Institute

Syracuse University Infrastructure Institute

Published Date:

October 11, 2018

Meeting the massive demand for modernized and new infrastructure, nationally and globally, is creating an unprecedented demand for resources, innovation and capital – an integration of historically distinct skillsets is essential.

  • Fifty-seven trillion dollars must be invested globally by 2030 alone.
  • Climate change, technology and societal challenges are driving the need for modern, resilient and sustainable approaches.
  • Inadequate infrastructure is a limiting factor for economic growth and development.
  • The United States is not alone – the problem is global.

Syracuse University responded by establishing the Infrastructure Institute, recognizing that traditional public administrators cannot be expected to meet this challenge alone. 

The Infrastructure Institute’s overarching goals are to integrate and support previously distinct disciplines with a singular focus on infrastructure, and to effectively and efficiently plan, design, finance, deliver and implement new, modernized and socially responsible infrastructure.

Syracuse University is uniquely positioned to integrate skillsets and focus on these goals in an academic setting, because its array of colleges and schools replicates the distinct disciplines responding to infrastructure demand in the public and private sectors.

Infrastructure includes highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, public buildings, utilities, water treatment facilities, educational facilities, stadiums, performing arts centers, and other facilities contemplated for the public good, including emerging technology (e.g., “smart cities”).

For more information, please visit the Syracuse University Infrastructure Institute website.

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