Effective May 24, 2021, the SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov websites have merged and become one system. Back in 2019, the Government created the beta.SAM.gov website to streamline the websites where contractors could access information relating to government contracts, including solicitations and contract opportunities, prevailing wage determinations, and contract data reports. Contractors still used the original SAM.gov website to register to do business with the Government, find exclusion records, and submit their service contract and biopreferred reports. Now, all of these functions will be performed on the new SAM.gov website.

According to GSA, the process to register to do business with the Government will not change so entities with an active SAM registration do not need to take any action. The core data associated with the entity transferred to the new SAM.gov website. If the entity used the same email address for its SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov accounts, this user information also migrated.

While the new SAM.gov website has a different look than both the old websites, the merger should make it easier for users to access government contracting information and perform necessary registration and reporting requirements.

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