When shareholder disputes arise between members of closely-held limited liability companies, or partners in a partnership, it is essential that an aggrieved person obtain legal representation from those with knowledge and skill in this highly specialized area of law. With this blog, we hope to provide an introduction to this practice area. Likewise, we will show our group’s active role in shaping the case law.

P&A’s Commercial Litigation Team will deliver timely and relevant content. This content is both substantive and practical and will help readers become better informed about the issues affecting shareholders and partners who find themselves in need of legal representation over internal disputes. Over the last decade, we have published numerous articles on these topics.  Now, we now happy to introduce this new blog. This blog will provide a central repository of relevant and timely updates in the law. Our goal is to provide clear and practical legal insights on existing laws and case law so you can make an informed decisions.

As interesting cases develop, we hope you’ll turn to us for thoughtful perspectives from professionals who counsel clients on all aspects of shareholder, inter-member and partnership disputes. Our extensive experience in these matters has contributed to our wealth of insight.  We are pleased to share this information with you.

Why njbusinessownerrights.com?

Our authors – P&A’s seasoned Commercial Litigation attorneys – take P&A’s Results First® approach to this area of practice. We regularly negotiate and litigate disputes between the shareholders of large and small New Jersey corporations, LLCs or partnerships. We work hard to find creative solutions to eliminate litigation whenever possible, or bring it to a swift and economical conclusion, without sacrificing results.

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In short, welcome to P&A’s newest resource – njbusinessownerrights.com.


Kevin J. O’Connor, Editor-In-Chief