Thomas J. Curran Quoted As A Source In An Article In The Wall Street Journal

Published Date:

December 17, 2017

Thomas J. Curran, a Partner in the firm’s New York office, was quoted as a source in an article published by the Wall Street Journal on December 17, 2017. The article titled “Nonprofits Are Tapping Outside Firms To Conduct Internal Probes” discusses nonprofit organizations seeking outside law firms to conduct internal investigations relating to corporate governance.

Nonprofits such as the Metropolitan Opera function in some ways like big businesses. Still, most nonprofits infrequently are confronted with corporate-governance issues, so the learning curve for employees as to how these probes work and what they need to do to comply can be greater than for those at big corporations, said Thomas Curran, a lawyer at Peckar & Abramson who specializes in internal investigations. This includes both leadership and lower-level employees, such as information-technology workers who might not be accustomed to providing emails or documents.

In a typical investigation, lawyers review documents, such as emails and human-resource files, and conduct interviews. Mr. Curran said he usually moves emails into a program that allows him to search for mentions of specific people or words. In examining emails or other documents, he looks not only for specific incidents but for how a person comports himself with employees generally. He also might ask for cellphone data if the devices are owned by the company or nonprofit.

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