Law360: Peckar & Abramson Forms International Construction Alliance

Published Date:

January 7, 2021

Law360‘s recent article, “Peckar & Abramson Forms International Construction Alliance” discuses Peckar & Abramson’s recent announcement that the firm has created the international construction law alliance, Leading Construction Lawyers (LCL) along with the preeminent construction law practices at the French law firm Altana, the German law firm Breyer Rechtsanwälte, and the consulting and dispute resolution firm PS Consulting, based in Paris.

Law360 interviewed Peckar & Abramson chairman Steven Charney, who co-led the effort to form the partnership. When asked how the alliance was born, Steve told Law360 it “was born from the construction industry becoming a more international endeavor over the past two decades, with companies starting projects in countries whose legal systems they’re unfamiliar with.” He continued by saying “The image that a construction company is locally based and functions locally simply isn’t the nature of the beast anymore. This is true not just with respect to U.S. companies. It’s true of many companies globally. And it’s not just construction companies. It’s companies involved in project finance, developments, specialty contracts. It’s a wide range of players operating internationally.”

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