Illinois Pollution Control Board Releases Environmental Register for November 2015

The Illinois Pollution Control Board recently issued its Environmental Register for November 2015. The Environmental Register summarizes the Board’s work in November 2015 and provides a summary of actions of the Board, new cases, and the Board’s calendar. The Environmental Register also contains an update of the Board’s rulemaking proceedings, which included (1) a denial of Illinois EPA’s request for an open-ended stay of the coal ash pond rulemaking proceeding, (2) amendments to the drinking water standards to reflect the latest nationally-recommended fluoride level, (3) proposals of amendments to the water pollution permit rules, (4) amendments to the drinking water standards to reflect regulations adopted by U.S. EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act, (5) amendments to a site-specific noise rule for forging operations, and (6) adoption of rules requiring emission cuts from power plants.

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