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Ahead of the Storm: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

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While Hurricane Irma boils in the Atlantic and seems to be aiming towards Florida, storm preparations are well underway.   As contractors are busy organizing efforts to secure their job sites, we at Peckar &Abramson offer some quick reminders that may prove helpful when the dust finally settles:

  • Review your contracts, particularly the force majeure provisions, and be sure to comply with applicable notice requirements.
  • Even if not expressly required at this point in time, consider providing written notice to project owners that their projects are being prepared for a potential hurricane or tropical storm and that productivity and the progress of the work will be affected, with the actual time and cost impact to be determined after the event.
  • Consult your hurricane plan (which is often a contract exhibit) and confirm compliance with all specified safety, security and protection measures.
  • Provide written notice to your subcontractors and suppliers of the actions they are required to take to secure and protect their portions of the work and the timetable for completion of their storm preparations.
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