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Labor Law

The Labor Law Group at Peckar & Abramson:
Legal knowledge and practical business advice

Our Labor Law Group provides labor relations services to public and private sector employers in a wide variety of industries, including construction, healthcare, building service, retail, transportation, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, technology and hospitality.

Our goal is to help clients manage labor relations issues through preventive measures, practical problem solving, sensible risk management, strategic dispute resolution and, where appropriate, litigation.

A positive, efficient and productive labor environment

We strive to foster positive labor relations and quickly resolve disputes through negotiation or litigation. We respond immediately to eliminate or neutralize the impact of disruptions if they occur. Throughout the nation, our services include:

  • Anticipation and resolution of jurisdictional disputes
  • Injunctions against strike misconduct
  • Creation of lawful management campaigns in response to union organization efforts
  • Addressing issues involving underfunded pension plans
  • Compliance planning
  • Defending against enforcement actions, including alleged violations of federal, state and local laws and regulations, from OSHA to affirmative action
  • Conducting internal investigations and audits related to labor issues
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Implementing preventative policies designed to successfully avoid labor organizing activities
  • Training for employers and management
  • Labor contract administration
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Litigating before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the courts
  • Negotiating and defending challenges to project labor agreements

Experience in effectively dealing with unionization efforts

When company management seeks to prevent unionization, we will recommend and help implement strategies that have worked successfully. Our Labor Law Group will assist in planning and conducting counter campaigns. We also manage all legal aspects of the election process. If strikes or picketing occur, we obtain emergency injunctions and provide procedures on how to operate safely during union unrest.

Navigating corporate transfers, mergers/acquisitions and plant shutdowns

Corporate transactions and strategic planning should always include an analysis by labor relations counsel. If not managed appropriately, labor issues can result in negative publicity, unanticipated extension of liability activity to affiliate operations, benefits fund liability or WARN Act violations. Our Labor Law Group regularly counsels employers concerning labor obligation considerations in corporate transactions, including assessment of potential withdrawal liability against contributing entity or potential control group entities; labor contract liability between affiliated entities; and successor liability for labor or employment law violations.

Labor law compliance

Peckar & Abramson consistently assists public and private sector employers regarding the implementation of internal compliance protocol and represents clients in enforcement proceedings regarding all aspects of labor law, including federal and state prevailing wage law; wage and hour laws; independent contractor classifications; OSHA compliance; affirmative action; minority utilization requirements and immigration law.