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International Construction

The International Construction Group at Peckar & Abramson

In an arena where local knowledge and extensive experience are vital, the International Construction Group at Peckar & Abramson stands ready to help clients with all aspects of international projects.

Peckar & Abramson attorneys have represented clients in project support and dispute resolution in over 40 countries with experience and expertise gained over more than 30 years. These projects include complex, large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, highways, pipelines and railways as well as buildings of all types.

Across borders and continents, with the benefit of established relationships with outstanding local law firms, we apply our extensive experience to help clients:

  • Establish relationships with local customers and partners
  • Navigate local legal, cultural and language issues
  • Draft contracts and negotiate terms.
  • Structure and finance projects
  • Avoid and resolve disputes including representation in arbitration before the ICC, ICDR and major arbitration centres around the world.
  • Create contract packages for subcontracts or purchase orders tailored to international projects
  • Provide ongoing support for the life of each project
  • We have provided these services to clients and projects in the United States, China, Argentina, France, throughout the Middle East, Japan, Sweden, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Brazil, Canada, England, the Philippines, Italy, Peru, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, Norway, Singapore, India, the Netherlands, Ireland and the list goes on.

Helping from conception to conclusion

While some firms may boast of experience on international projects, few can stand in support of a client throughout the entire project as our International Construction Group can. We bring more than legal experience — we bring project experience. Many Peckar & Abramson attorneys have construction and technical backgrounds. They have been on-site as project engineers and project managers. Thus, when issues arise, the firm applies both legal and practical project experience to service our clients’ needs.

Relevant Experience

We have been integrally involved in all types of projects around the world including tall buildings, hydroelectric dams, gas turbine generation facilities, oil and gas pipelines, airports, research parks, tunnels, railworks, oil refineries, paper pulp mills and all others.

Our attorneys are experienced in all of the widely used standard- form international contracts, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)/Turnkey contracts of the Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils (FIDIC), the Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE) Green Book for reimbursable projects and other international standards.

Our attorneys have presented cases before arbitral tribunals of the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Construction Dispute Resolution Board, among other venues.

Long history of successfully resolving international disputes

The effective and successful management of international construction disputes has two distinct aspects. The first requires a thorough understanding of the contract, the designated prevailing law, the underlying contractual and technical issues issues and the venue for the formal dispute resolution process so that a winning strategy may be implemented successfully. The second requires an understanding of the cultural issues that may create or limit the opportunity for settlement discussions, mediations and other pre-hearing techniques utilized to resolve disputes. We have the experience in both aspects and bring a unique ability to use of the strength of our skills in formal dispute resolution together with our broad international experience in the different parts of the world to create paths to the most successful resolution of disputes.

Special relationships with construction lawyers around the world for local advice

P&A is recognized as one of the largest construction law firms in the world with almost 100 lawyers serving its domestic and international clientele with unique international experience. However, the firm has a strong commitment to the concept of partnering with local law firms led by expert lawyers who supplement P&A’s expertise with local law expertise on construction and the particular project’s legal profile, an appreciation for local language and culture and expert knowledge of the local legal process.

In 2011 Peckar & Abramson, together with construction law firms from Mexico and Peru, founded Construlegal™, an alliance of leading construction law firms throughout the Americas that work as a team to deliver powerful and unique legal and business services in local and international construction law matters. More on Construlegal™.

Peckar & Abramson is proud to have also formed alliances with the most qualified lawyers in China and India to provide the firm’s clients with expert legal support in those countries, including issues around contracts, labor, corporate integrity, taxes, and export/import. The firm has been actively involved with Chinese projects and companies since 1995, and is now extremely active in India, with Indian and other clients heavily engaged in the country’s construction boom.

Recent alliances have also been formed with firms in Dubai and Central Asia.

London and Europe: Collaboration on major projects

For more than 20 years Peckar & Abramson has enjoyed a special relationship with a leading construction law firm located in the U.K. resulting in joint representation of major clients and collaboration on important projects.

The Middle East: Expertise in all types of projects

Peckar & Abramson, which has been supporting clients performing projects throughout the Middle East, has established relationships in that region with leading law firms with construction expertise.

Latin America Practice Group: A point of focus

As the “Gateway of the Americas,” Miami is the natural center of operations for Peckar & Abramson’s Latin American Practice Group. This group serves our clients involved in projects in Latin America, as well as Latin American clients involved in projects and legal matters in North America. Our attorneys are able to handle legal matters for Latin American clients in their native languages (Spanish and Portuguese) coupled with an essential cultural understanding. This cultural understanding is also a key component of the enhanced level of service provided to our international clients working in Latin America.

As a result of our regional involvement, our Latin American Practice Group has developed key relationships with local counsel and other professionals in the region, in order to further assist our clients with legal matters in the region. These relationships have grown and strengthened over time, and have led to the formation of Construlegal™.

More on Construlegal™.