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Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution Group at Peckar & Abramson: Great litigators and great results from alternative techniques

Peckar & Abramson offers deep experience and knowledge in dispute resolution, achieving outstanding results for clients in construction and a wide range of other industries.

Peckar & Abramson first earned its reputation as an industry leader by building upon our deep litigation capabilities and perfecting dispute avoidance and alternative dispute resolution techniques. These techniques can save our clients money, time and unnecessary distraction. Having our sights set on delivering results, efficiently and effectively, sets Peckar & Abramson apart.

The key to Peckar & Abramson’s success, however, is built on our strength in the courtroom or arbitration. Our deep bench of experienced litigators stands ready to fight for our clients’ interests whenever needed.

Whether arbitration, mediation or a variety of alternative dispute resolution vehicles, our Dispute Resolution Group helps clients identify and navigate the most efficient path to success.

International dispute resolution

Just as with domestic projects, disputes occur on international projects despite efforts to avoid them. Helping to resolve these disputes in an efficient manner is a core capability of Peckar & Abramson.

We understand and appreciate the cultural issues involved in international matters and are skilled in navigating the complexities of varied jurisdictions— both legal and procedural. This is not a skill that is taught, but rather solidified through years of experience. In addition, international disputes require a special and often highly localized appreciation for the implications of settlement discussions, mediations and other pre-hearing techniques utilized to resolve disputes.

With assets around the world, Peckar & Abramson offers world-class international dispute resolution advice and services, which help clients achieve the best possible results.