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Contracts and Risk Management

Protecting Clients’ Interests Up Front to Mitigate Risks and Protect Profits

Peckar & Abramson’s Contracts and Risk Management Group is experienced in identifying and mitigating contract issues that cause delays, extra expense, and disputes. Our team effectively and efficiently reduces risk for contractors, owners, and other clients by carefully preparing, reviewing, and negotiating construction and other commercial contracts. By protecting our clients’ contractual interests up front, we protect their profits.

Delivering Efficiency and Value

The Contracts and Risk Management Group prepares, negotiates, and reviews more than 500 contracts each year. Our exposure to a broad range of contracts makes us adept at spotting a wide variety of issues before contract execution, positioning our clients for success on a project. No matter the size of the project, we possess and provide the knowledge necessary to negotiate the industry’s maze of contractual issues. Whether the solution is traditional or cutting-edge, lean construction or integrated project delivery - we have the answers.

The depth and breadth of our body of work increases the efficiency with which we prepare, negotiate, and vet construction contracts. We deliver great value because there is very little “reinventing the wheel” at Peckar & Abramson. We’ve seen it all - multiple times.

Personalized Service Aimed at Providing the Best Possible Results

We work with contractors, construction managers, project managers, engineers, owners, and other commercial businesses. The scope of our services is tailored to meet the particular needs of each client. We craft proprietary contracts, modify industry standard form contracts, and perform more limited reviews of terms and conditions, risk allocation, environmental risks, and other important provisions. When necessary, we recommend and implement methods of managing the risk of one-sided contracts.

Experience and Knowledge in Government Contracts

Risk management is of particular importance in dealing with the often non-negotiable nature of government contracts. Clients entering into a government contract benefit from our extensive experience in identifying risk and recommending strategies to mitigate that risk. We carefully identify factors that may lead to change orders.

Our Contracts and Risk Management Group is well-versed in local, state, and federal regulations and procurement practices. We understand the rules and help our clients profit within them. Clients pursuing projects governed by federal rules, regulations, and laws likewise benefit from our Government Contracts Group's substantial knowledge and experience with federal government construction practices and procurement services.

A Focus on Construction that Benefits our Clients

Peckar & Abramson understands the construction business because we are immersed in it. We are the largest construction-focused firm in North America. We know the risks, frustrations, and daily concerns faced by those in the industry. That knowledge benefits our clients. We issue client alerts addressing new regulations, upcoming laws, changes in risk-mitigation techniques, and changes in construction methods. If it affects the industry, we know about it – and so will you.